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Servant Leaders School of Ministry (SLSOM)


To prepare God's people for ministry to all nations
1. Knowledge of the Word of God;
2. Awareness of the World around us;
3. Applying the Word of God in the world around us – in our lives and through our deeds

As a church which subscribes to the Doctrine of the Priesthood of all Believers, the Servant Leaders Fellowship (SLF) was set up, so that Lay members who are ministry leaders, can meet regularly, to plan, discuss and pray over issues and matters relating to the church.  It then became obvious that there was a need for some form of organized theological education, as a continuing equipping program, to prepare and nurture God’s people for ministry within the church and beyond.


As such, the Servant Leaders School of Ministry (SLSOM) was established in May 2010 to bring theological education to SLF in particular and other Christians within and without the church in general, to study and discuss pertinent theological subjects so as to nurture and equip everyone who shares the same vision and mission to serve God more effectively.


The SLSOM is held at 1.30 pm on every second and fourth Sunday after Church service and is preceded by an Agape feast and fellowship which is at 1:00 pm. It takes a break in synchrony with school holidays.


Seven modules of studies are being offered presently, namely:


These seven modules are run in cycles. Besides the main topics in each module, we conduct electives on topics of interest as well. 

1.Your Call

1.1 a Biblical understanding of who we are as a Christian;
1.2 our call to salvation and to serve God; and
1.3 the internal and external calling.
1.4 God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

2.Your Devotion to the glory of God – a Biblical understanding of the chief purpose of humanity

2.1 the meaning of the glory of God;  
2.2 Christ’s mission on earth; 
2.3 God’s passion for His own glory; 
2.4 tying up God’s greatest glorification and the deepest human satisfaction; and
2.5 how we glorify Him as an individual and as a church;

3.Your Sanctification or Spiritual Formation – the formation of Christ in us (Gal 4:19)

This module comprises of:
3.1  the scriptural call to sanctification; 
3.2  the importance of sanctification; 
3.3  spiritual disciplines – knowing and doing and being; and
3.4  the obstacles to spiritual formation

4.Your knowledge of the Word of God – know the Bible

By far the largest module, comprising the following:
4.1 Bibliology (what is the Bible; how to approach the Bible; how did we get our Bible(s); what is the canon of the Bible);
4.2 Introduction to Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology and Reformed Theology;
4.3 Hermeneutics and Inductive Bible Study;
4.4 Bible History and Geography;
4.5 Creeds, Confessions and Catechisms;
4.6 Overview of the Bible – the Biblical metanarrative, the Story of Redemption (study on TULIP); 
4.8 OT Survey; 
4.9 NT Survey

5.Your knowledge of the world

This module aims at helping us understand the world we live in, so that we can relate with it in a more effective way, especially in our evangelism. It includes the following:
5.1 Understanding of world views - a brief survey of western world views from Theism to Deism to Naturalism to Nihilism to Existentialism to Pantheism and New Consciousness, arriving at where we        are today postmodernism; 
5.2 Study to compare naturalism, young age and old age creationism; and  
5.3 a brief understanding of the cults and other faiths in our society

6.Your church – a survey of the history of the church arriving at where we are today

6.1 an understanding of what the church is;
6.2 brief history of the church
6.3 the Reformation
6.4 denominations;
6.3 church polity;
6.4 Presbyterian distinctives;
6.5 church discipline;
6.6 our local church

7.Your ministry – we are saved to serve

This module comprises of:-
7.1 an understanding of what ministry and serving is; 
7.2 the meaning and the practice of the priesthood of all believers; 
7.3 APEPT/APEST as blue print of the church; and
7.4 what it means to be a disciple and to make disciples.  
7.5 The various ministries of our church - presented by ministry leaders.  
7.5 In evangelism, a teaching on worldview evangelism is done.

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