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Our Ministries

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Care Group

All church members are encouraged to join one of the many care groups - the spiritual families for members to share, to care, to teach and to pray for one another in a home environment. The care group meets regularly and has a leader to shepherd and lead the study of God’s word.

SAPC English
- Caleb Care Group

- Joshua Care Group
- Koinonia Care Group
- Shalom Care Group

SIPC Chinese Care Group
SIPC English Care Group

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Ladies Group Bible Studies & Prayers

Our church believes in the power of prayer, this is a ladies group that get together to pray for the needs of one another as well as to the people around us.

Every Wednesday via ZOOM 11am ~ 12:30pm


Outreach Mission

Our church trains equip and sponsor people to be involved in the selected frontline missions to meet the spiritual and basic needs of our brothers and sisters; as well as evangelism to share the gospels. 

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Students gather here in the evenings during weekdays to hang out with friends, group studies or socialize making use of the many facilities provided. This is the only center of such kind within walking distance from UTAR.

Mission -
Philippine Ministry

SAPC Ipoh has an overseas mission ministry that support the very poor in the Phillipines.This ministry started around 2012 with the support of Pastor Paolo who is the founder of the RCC church in San Pedro, Manila who ministers to the squatter families  that live in the vicinity of dumpsite areas at the hillslope and their source of livelihood is from the dumpsite, scavenging whatever items they can find that can be recycled.  This ministry has now expanded to include two more daughter churches in Calamba and Quezon cities as leaders from the original church were groomed to become lead pastors in the new churches planted over the last five years.  Sapc, Ipoh provide monthly allowance to these three pastors as well as supporting the education of 10 students presently from primary through their college or university education. These students are selected through recommendation from Pastor Paolo based on the family’s financial distress situation and the bright potential of the child from proven academic results.

Sunday School Ministry

During all our Sunday services we provide classes for children of various age groups to play together and discover the love of God, to gain a solid moral-spiritual foundation and knowledge of the bible.

Every Sunday from 10:30am ~ 12pm

Explorer Class (Age 6-8)
Conqueror Class (Age 9-11)

Click here to register.

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Youth Bible Study & Fellowship

We have an active group of mentors caring for and supporting young people to grow spiritually through group activities, worship, music, prayers, study, and leadership training.

Every Sunday from 3:30pm ~ 5:30pm

Victorious Class (Age 12-18)

Prayer Group

Prayer Intercession

As a Christian, we believe in the power of prayers. We come together as one of the body of Christ to pray and intercede for the people in need, the situation or event that need


Corporate Prayer on Every Friday at your own home from 8:00pm



This is a center for recreation that caters to students studying in UTAR, Kampar. It occupies the 1st floor of two shop lots adjoining, with dividing walls removed to provide ample space for recreation which include board and tv games, pool, futsal and tabletennis tables, karaoke facility and group study rooms. 
It is an ongoing ministry of SAPC, Ipoh that began in Sep2008 which allow us to minister to the youth and to share the good news. For a minimal joining fee per year, students get to enjoy the fully air-cond facility with fast internet that comes with a KFC dinner or a western meal set

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Pastor Edwin, head Pastor of Calauag Church, Quezon

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