Servant Leaders School of Ministry (SLSOM)

Biblical literacy is a vital part of equipping the saints, as the Bible reveals to us the mind of God which He has chosen to reveal, concerning His creation. Have you ever wondered what shapes your world view, how you make decisions and how you counsel others?

Hermeneutics & Bible Study

Hermeneutics - Part 1
by Elder Ding CL

31st March 2020

Hermeneutics - Part 4
by Elder Ding CL

21st April 2020

Hermeneutics - Part 2
by Elder Ding CL

7th April 2020

Hermeneutics - Part 3
by Elder Ding CL

14th April 2020

Reformed Theology

Synods & Canons of Dort -1
by Elder Ding & Bro Fred

11th August 2020

Sola Scriptura
by Elder Ding & Bro Kean

8th September 2020

Synods & Canons of Dort -2
by Elder Ding & Bro Fred

25th August 2020

Sola Fide
by Elder Ding & Bro Lawrenz

15th September 2020

What is Reformed Theology?
by Elder Ding & Bro Chai

1st September 2020

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